What the Opposite Sex Does NOT find attractive

Men say they do NOT find these things attractive: Fake Fingernails Playing hard to get Talking bad about her own appearance (being down on yourself) Ladies, are you guilty of any of these things?

Thursday, April 13th 2017

Jodi shares how her dinner with former Producer Emilie went. We share how to disconnect if you have trouble relaxing. And what you need to know about chicks and bunnies if you insist on giving them as Easter gifts.

LISTEN: Is Producer David too old for this?

Is there an age limit for this Easter activity? Is it something just for kids, or can adults do it too? Producer David wants everyone's opinion because it's his favorite family tradition. ⤵   Want to... Read More.

Jodi’s Annual Chicks and Bunny Warning

There’s no doubt that bunnies and chicks are very cute!  And there are some bunnies that need to be adopted and rescued.  We just ask that you read this before bringing home a bunny or chick for Easter! Bunny Rabbits Rabbits are not... Read More.

Patio Table Cloth? Or Sam’s Plaid Shirt?

Sam showed up to work today wearing a shirt that resembles a.....patio table cloth. Can you guess which of the pictures above is his shirt and which is the table cloth? (Scroll down to reveal which is which) (Hear all about it at 16:45)

Wednesday, April 12th 2017

We dig into the Producer's Mailbag with the things you make for Easter dinner. Jodi shares how you can get away with dressing like a Disney princess....even if you're a grown woman. And Sam's son, Jackson, has a new hobby that Sam says is... Read More.

LISTEN: Jodi’s Garage Sale

Jodi's getting ready to host a garage sale. Let's hope she doesn't price things the way Murphy says she has in the past. Any advice for plans to purge the clutter in their house? ⤵