The 69th Annual Emmy Awards: Full Nomination List and More!

Best Drama Series: Westworld, Better Call Saul, House of Cards, This Is Us, The Crown, The Handmaid's Tale, and Stranger Things. Which show should WIN?! Jodi has all the details on Sunday night's Emmy Awards at 30:03 minutes into today's podcast below.

Be Like Sam / Fun Friday / Shaving Tricks

Hear how Jodi and Murphy want to be like Sam this weekend.In the Family Friendly Box Office Review, there's another horror movie ready to take on Stephen King's 'It' this weekend.And Murphy shares a few tricks all men should know when it comes to... Read More.

After the Show: Jodi’s Problem Reading ‘It’

Jodi loves her husband Murphy, but she can't get any reading done while he's around because of something he wont stop doing! Could you concentrate on something if you were in this situation?

Kristen Bell (and police officer) Entertain Hurricane Irma Evacuees

Sam's Friday Favorite Actress Kristen Bell, stranded in Orlando during Hurricane Irma, visited an evacuation shelter to brighten the spirits of those seeking shelter in the face of the oncoming storm. Sam explains this awesome Friday Favorite at 32:47 minutes into today's show podcast below.

After the Show: Details

The one thing Jodi can’t understand about her teenager Taylor – but is TRYING!

HOW TO HELP: Hurricane Relief

WE KNOW YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT THOSE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED THE WORST EFFECTS OF IRMA AND HARVEY, AND HERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS YOU CAN HELP…… Hurricane Relief The following information comes from VOX: American Red Cross: Usually the first group people think of... Read More.

Last Night’s ‘Hand In Hand’ Highlights

This was my FAVORITE performance from last night at the Hand in Hand benefit.  **sign**  SO beautiful.  Enjoy!   -Jodi The gang discuss all of the highlights at last night's 'Hand In Hand' event at 31:07 minutes into today's show... Read More.