New Foster / What Sam Took / More Halloween Couple Fights

Jodi dishes on what she's doing at home that's becoming a little bit obsessive for Murphy's taste.Find out what Sam took from his daughter, Maddie, that's helping him sleep better at night.And we've got more of your Halloween couple fights.

LISTEN: Murphy’s Worst Halloween

Ever have an epic Halloween fight?  Murphy & Jodi did, and it’s Sam’s favorite story. You can also also hear the original conversation from the show starting at 27:15 minutes in the podcast below.

Sylvester Stallone to Direct ‘Creed 2’

To me – anytime Sly Stallone wants to make a boxing movie, I’m in.  -Jodi Jodi shares this Hollywood Outsider at 15:18 minutes into the show podcast below. According to

Work Breaks / Too Cute Flower Girl / Couple Halloween Fights

Discover exactly how often you're suppose to be taking breaks at work.Find out how Producer David's niece, who just started walking, did as a flower girl over the weekend.And Jodi shares the things couples fight about most at Halloween.

Monday Funny / Retro Artists / Man Cave Clean Out

We got more of the Monday Funny. This time the kids are taking over with jokes to share.We want to know what retro, older artist your kids enjoy.And we'll see if Murphy was finally able to clean out his man cave.