HOLLYWOOD OUTSIDER: Madonna Gets No Respect For Aretha Tribute

What SHOULD be included in a tribute?   Madonna led a tribute on Monday to the late Aretha Franklin at the MTV Video Music Awards but angered fans who felt she spent more time talking about herself than the Queen of Soul. Viewers took to Twitter to criticize Madonna and... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Kids’ Sports

Do you let your child quit a sport if they’ve fallen out of love with it? Here’s how Murphy & Jodi handle it. Want to hear more? At 11:50 in the show podcast below, Sam has some unbelievable... Read More.

Fun Friday / Wheeling and Dealing / Sam’s cleaning Lady

Fun Friday! Cool ideas for the family to do on the first weekend back from school!Murphy's wondering why Jodi has been wheeling and dealing this week.Sam's phone is blowing up because this one lady keeps texting him all day long at work.

AFTER THE SHOW: Canvases and a Lawnmower

Who's making Jodi get up super early - even on Saturday?   Want to hear more? At 32 minutes in the show podcast below, Murphy tries to defend himself for doing something the military does.

Going Back / Rock n Roll Lesson / Palindrome Week!

If you buy something at a store and you get home and it's not what you paid for, do you go back?Sam has an important rock n roll lesson he had to teach his teenager.It's palindrome week and we're trying to find them all

The James McCartney and Sean Lennon Selfie

Maybe you've seen this selfie going around on your feed or on websites . It's of Sean Lennon  (son of John) and Jesse McCartney ( son of Paul). Some say the resemblance to their famous fathers is uncanny. Sam and Murphy see it a... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Murphy’s Mustang

Why Jerry Seinfeld thinks Murphy's first car is more interesting than anything on the road today. Want to hear more? At 27:40 in the show podcast below, find out whether Jodi is the type of person to... Read More.