Airport Security / Murphy and Jodi’s Game / Belly Up

More stories from the body scan line at the airport.Murphy and Jodi are playing this game that Sam has wanted in on for a long time.One of the aquatic friends at the Murphy and Jodi household has found its fate.

Fine Dining / The Edge in Fortnite / New Google Features

How to fine dine. Here's what your mom never taught you to be doingHere's how to give your kids an edge in the online game FortniteGoogle added a new feature to their maps app that should make things just a bit easier for everyone.

After the Show: Sam’s Candy Gripe

The candy Sam refuses to eat. Food snob?!     Want to hear more? At 9:40 in the show podcast below, find out how to give your kids an edge in the game they love to play so much  

After the Show: School Photos

"You have to forgive Moms for the obligatory 1st day of school pictures. You just have to." -Jodi