AFTER THE SHOW: First Day of School Photos

"You have to forgive Moms for the obligatory 1st day of school pictures. You just have to." -Jodi   Want to hear more? Listen at 20:20 in the show podcast below to hear how Sam deals with letting... Read More.

After the Show: Dollywood

Producer Bailey doesn’t understand why Dolly Parton has an amusement park.MSJ can explain – since Murphy & Jodi go as often as possible!!!#dollywood#greatsmokymountains ????

Cookie Debacle Sam Messed Up Facebook Timer

Jodi almost loses it while trying to pick up a birthday cake.Sam almost gets his son Jackson fired from his 1st job.We weigh in on a new Facebook feature coming soon.

AFTER THE SHOW: An Overseas Trip

Producer Chad TRIES to help Murphy & Jodi feel better about a parenting choice they recently made. Want to hear more? At 11:34 in the show podcast below, Jodi has a meltdown in the grocery store and... Read More.