AFTER THE SHOW: Sam’s Old-School Book

What has been keeping Sam single this whole time?   Want to hear more? The master of Thanksgiving stopped by to grace us with some of his best recipes. How in the world are you supposed to pull off... Read More.

The Menu of the Thanksgiving Master

For those that don't allow anyone into the kitchen on Thanksgiving, here are some pretty serious turkey day recipes to try out. It's okay, we got these from Tony the Thanksgiving Monster himself! Classic Dry-Brined Turkey

Dogs at the Table / Jodi’s Past / More Thanksgiving Traditions

What your dogs can and can't eat from the Thanksgiving table unless you want to make a quick trip to the emergency room.Sam has dug up something from Jodi's past that he can't wait to share with everyone.More of your odd Thanksgiving traditions

Anniversary Gift Ruined / Murphy’s Hobby / More Family Traditions

Still loving hearing about your Thanksgiving family traditions that are specific to you and your family.Jodi's got to tell you about the present she got Murphy for their anniversary that has already gotten ruined!Nothing in Murphy's neighborhood is safe from his hobby.

Thankful Pumpkin / Veteran Freebies / Grateful Friday

The Thankful Pumpkin is in the building (even though it looks a bit different this year)Where veterans can get a free meal on SundayIt's a grateful Friday and we're hearing from you on little and big things in your life.