After the Show: Stop Dat

Does Sam need an intervention?????Jodi wants to help him let go of the Saints "no call."????

Easiest Gameday Grub / Kinda Romantic / Finishing Books

The easiest gameday grub in existence! Only three ingredients and it might actually be Jodi's favorite recipe to make for football.Murphy asked Jodi to do somethingkindaromantic this weekend.Who's got a problem with not finishing books all the way through?

Sam’s Sonogram / Breakfast for Dinner / SB Betting

Sam think's he can figure out if his grandchild will be a boy or a girl.What's on your plate when you hear "breakfast for dinner"?Jodi says she might actually be into something new in the football world.

AFTER THE SHOW: Is Voicemail Dead?

More on that “heated discussion” Murphy & Jodi had with their daughters at dinner this week. Want to hear more? Sam think's he can figure out if his grandchild will be a boy or a girl. What's on... Read More.

After the Show: Handsome Hank

The 1 thing Jodi said that made Producer Bailey know he had to adopt this dog also - was Jodi pushy??

Super Gameday Grub / Sorry For Your Loss / Clothes Shopping

Super Gameday grub! Our favorite stuff for watching football including some new stuff from the Instant Pot!What to say to a friend instead of"I'm sorry for your loss".Sam's finding out the troubles of shopping for clothes with his son Jackson.

Grateful Friday / Tom Brady / Best Shows to Binge

Tell us what you're grateful for as a way to start your Friday!Sam's Friday favorite is something that Tom Brady is grateful for.Jodi's got the list of best shows to binge over the weekend!

Super Bowl Commercials / Mr. Safety Dangerous?/ Binge Loves

Why Murrphy aka Mr. Safety is the most dangerous person to have in the house - especially the bathroom.Your first look at some more Super Bowl commercials and these are the ones with all the feels.More of what you're loving to binge right now!