Parenting Fail / Game of Thrones / 3 in 1

Murphy and Jodi's parenting fail at home as their oldest daughter approaches senior year of high school.Sam is going to tell you how Game of Thrones is coming to the grocery store.How Jodi figured out how to cook once and feed the family for... Read More.

What Sam Can Do / Rejected / Haunted Dolls

Something Sam can do for his first grandchild who's almost here that he hasn't even thought of.How to respectfully turn down a date.What Sam wants Murphy and Jodi to bring on their overnight stay at the haunted B&B.

After the Show: Funny Daddy

Why Jodi is so grateful for Murphy's goofy dad antics at home.????"Children need this."

Haunted Souvenir / Just the 2 of Us / Green Book

Tell you what interesting item Murphy and Jodi's daughter wants to bring to the haunted bed and breakfast - not sure it's going to be such a great idea.Sam found out he won't be able to see his first grandchild when it's born. It's... Read More.

Haunted B&B / Academy Awards / Piggy Gaga

Let you know which one of Jodi's family is insisting she stays in a haunted bed and breakfast.You don't have to stay up all night to watch the Academy Awards - we'll do it for you and give you all the highlights.Why Murphy and... Read More.

After the Show: OscarCast!

What Jodi loved most about last night's show, and WHO does she know from the movie Green Book?! #oscars #greenbook

Academy Awards / Sam’s Obsession / Murphy’s Party

Getting you ready for the Academy awards by letting you know a little something about each one of the nominees.Sam has a new obsession that started only yesterday that has already cost him big time.Murphy is the host of a party being thrown at... Read More.