Group Costumes / Garage Scare / Old Toys Worth $$$

Getting youready for Halloween still -Groupcostume ideas if you're going with a bunch of peopleThe toy from the 80s and 90s that if you've got it - it's worth some money!Jodi let out her best Halloween scream in the garage yesterday - find out... Read More.

Sam’s Air Fryer / Last Minute Costumes / The Play

Sam's going crazy with ideas for food to put in his air fryer and Murphy isn't helping.We've got last minute Halloween Costumes if you need 'em.Murphy and Jodi went to their daughters' sold out play and it was so good, they're going again.

More Ghost Stories / Eat Drink Be Scary / Going to Work Sick

Why are so many Americans going to work sick and how can we stop them?Our favorite Halloween recipes made available to you! Eat, Drink and Be Scary! Up on the website.We'll have even more of your real life ghost stories for you.

More Real Life Ghost Stories / Googled Costumes / Hospital Visit

Some more real life ghost stories to challenge Sam's increasing skepticism about them being real.The most googled Halloween costumes so you don't show up looking like everyone elseJodi wants to tell you about her visit to our friend, Richard, who's int he hospital right... Read More.