Zoomies / Murphy’s Smitten / Sam’s Doorbell Camera

Why does your dog have the zoomies and even more so in the cold weather?Murphy is smitten with another girl!Sam has a new doorbell camera and he's already regretting it because of what he's seeing on it.

Thanksgiving Countdown / M&J’s Marriage Secret / Art Gallery

Our countdown to Thanksgiving continues with some of the most simple side dishes if you have zero kitchen game.For Murphy and Jodi's 20th anniversary, Sam wants to figure out the one secret thing that has been keeping this marriage together this whole time.Murphy and... Read More.

College Kids / Sam’s Automation / Phone’s Listening

More of what you believe is best for college kids: stay at home or get outta the house?What Sam's home automation's system is doing to keep him from giving him a good night's sleep.Is your phone listening to you?