Live on Campus? / M & J News / Sam’s Ghost

Should freshmen live on college campus or should they live at home? A question that's been weighing on Jodi's mind.Murphy and Jodi have some exciting news about someone new living at their house!Sam saw a ghost and it's not even Halloween!

Early Christmas / KISS / The School Project

Early Christmas decorating may be good for you, but is it good for the neighborhood?The new rock and roll biopic on KISS.Sam's got an update on the medieval weapon he got his son for a school project.

Daylight Saving / Inviting the Exes / Remote Stalker

What daylight saving time does to your bodyWhat holiday occasion Sam is thinking of inviting all his exes to this year.The crew caught Producer Bailey stalking someone today. Find out why

Air Fryer / Grateful Friday / The Sleep Problem

Murphy kept Jodi up all night and he says it's because she kept him up the night before! Find out whySam is a bit skeptical about just how original the Air Fryer concept is.It's a Grateful Friday so you let us know what big... Read More.

Group Costumes / Garage Scare / Old Toys Worth $$$

Getting youready for Halloween still -Groupcostume ideas if you're going with a bunch of peopleThe toy from the 80s and 90s that if you've got it - it's worth some money!Jodi let out her best Halloween scream in the garage yesterday - find out... Read More.