Grateful Friday / Wedding Date / Alexa’s Loud

It's Grateful Friday! We can't wait to hear about the little and big things in your life you're grateful for.We'll tell you the most popular wedding date of 2020.Why Alexa is keeping Murphy and Jodi up all night at home.

Free Compliments / Bee Gees Biopic / Murphy’s Jars

Part of the Good Thing: a sweet reminder to give compliments freely - even to strangers.Which Oscar-nominated heartthrob may play one of the Bee Gees in their new biopic.Find out why Murphy is better than Jodi at opening jars.

Jodi’s Fasting / Sam’s Doorbell / More Driving

Find out what diet Jodi has been trying the past couple of days and if she likes it or not.Sam's Doorbell is finally getting some action. What's it catching?Someone is learning to drive now and Sam is not happy about it.

The Thermostat / 23 and Me / Closet Camera

The household unit no one knows how to use, but everyone wants to touch.Murphy got his 23 and me results back and was surprised to find out what he did.Find out what the camera in the closet has seen lately.

80-20 Rule / Space Force / Jodi’s Makeup

Murphy swears by the80/20 rule and is convinced it can change your life so we're going to get him to explain it for us.You can help us come up with a new name for the new Space Force Astronauts.What has Jodijustfigured out about makeup?

Fun Friday / Valentine’s Day Ideas / Jodi’s Board Meeting

It's a Fun Friday, we'll see if Sam is happier since the pin has been removed.More lovely little ideas for Valentine's Day some for your sweetie, kids and their teachers.Find out what Jodi has learned during her first board meeting.

Sam’s Pin / Food Dude / Jodi’s Win

Finally, the last day we have to deal with Sam with a pin in his foot.A new way to eat a peanut butter cup (for Murphy) and a spicy snack just for Jodi.Believe it or not, Jodi knew something about technology that Murphy AND... Read More.