Sam Stood Up / Valentine’s day / The Broom

Sam has been stood up for Valentine's Day. Find out Why.We'll tell you about the best places to get everything you need for Valentine's day (including some free stuff).Is today really the only day you can stand a broom on end?

The Mice / Sam’s Pin / 23 and Me

It now appears that Murphy and Jodi are now outnumbered by the mice in the house (they've been thinking it was just one).We'll tell you what Sam did this weekend alone that no one should do alone.Murphy has an update on his 23 and... Read More.

Boycott V – Day / Oscars / Bruno Mars

Who plans to boycott Valentine's Day this year?We'll have a full Oscar wrap-up for you. That's right - we'll stay up to watch the whole thing so you don't have to.In Music News find out what project Bruno Mars is teaming up with Disney... Read More.

Grateful Friday / Fast Food Breakfast / Valentines’ Day

Grateful Friday! Let us know what you're grateful for, be it a weighted blanket or mice being gone from the closet.The final fast food restaurant to add breakfast!We'll let you know who's trying to make reservations for Valentine's Day.

Grumpy Sam / Heavy Blanket / Rubber Roaches

Why Sam is getting grumpier by the day - intervention on the way tomorrow morning.The birthday present that Murphy and Jodi's daughter got that everyonein the house is fighting over now.Jodi is so sick of Sam trying to trick her with rubber roaches.