St. Patty’s Day / Kid Routine / Quarantine Playlist

We'll help you kick off your St. Patty'sday (f you even remembered it was tomorrow)Advice and guidance on how to handle kids' day while they're home from school.Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's playlist for quarantine.


The only thing Sam is worried about during this pandemic. 🤔   Want to hear more? We'll help you kick off your St. Patty's day (f you even remembered it was tomorrow) Advice and guidance on how to handle kids'... Read More.

Online Life / Coronavirus / Hollywood Outsider

Life continues, but online during this period of social distancing. We've got all the info you need as Coronavirus continues to affect the population.Jodi's got your Hollywood Outsider.

Educational Streaming

If you need something educational to watch while the kids are home, here's some good options: The Magic School Bus When a science concept just isn’t clicking for your students … Ms. Frizzle to the rescue! Stream episodes on the human... Read More.

Friday the 13th / Dr. Bucky / Pi Day

Could Friday the 13th be your lucky day?Our in studio pediatrician Dr. Bucky talks COVID-19.The Food Dude calculates Pi Day deals.

Breaking Rules / From Royalty / Yoga Instructor

Tell you which one of us is breaking every corona virus rule and what can be done about it.Sam will let you know which of his family members is descended from royalty.Jodi wants to tell the guys about her hot yoga instructor.