Fix the Mailbox? / James Lipton / Quibi

What to do now that Sam's son took out the neighbor's mailbox.What we can all learn from James Lipton's interview style.In Jodi's Hollywood Outsider: what you'll be able to find on the brand-new streaming service Quibi.

40 Bags in 40 Days / The Mailbox / The Little Gangster

Tell you what 40 bags in 40 days means (not talking about handbags).Sam wants to tell you about the rough first trip his son Jackson had behind the wheel. He's got the tire audio and the tire tracks to prove it.There's a new memberof... Read More.

Sam’s Neighbors / Fried Chicken / Passport Photo

Find out why all of Sam's neighbors are concerned and checking on him.Celebration of grocery store fried chicken.Find out what happened when Murphy tried to take his own passport photo.