Life Skills / Swimsuit Tricks / Fireworks

Why fireworks are going to be in high demand this year. What life skills are bosses looking for in a person?Jodi's got tricks for you when you're in the dressing room trying on swimsuits.

Grateful Friday / Sam’s Amends / Drunk Goggles

Let's kick off a grateful Friday! Even when times are tough, there are ways to find something to be grateful for.Sam's upset someone in his family and now he's going to make amends.Murphy and Jodi's daughter Phoebe is learning a lot in driver's ed.

Sam’s Question / Murphy’s MRI / Hot Vacation

The hottest vacation choice for America this year: it is not typical.Jodi wants to tell you about the doctor's appointment she has to go on with Murphy to hold his hand.We handle a personal question Sam asked today.

Serious Sam / Finally! / Murphy’s Headache

Getting to the bottom of Murphy's week long headache.Sam finally has been able to finally hug and kiss someone he hasn't been able to touch since March!We'll meet serious Sam.