Happy Birthday! / Murphy’s MRI / Seeds

It's Birthday Friday! Murphy and Producer Bailey are sharing a birthday today!We'll let you know if Murphy is able to get through that MRI again without using the panic button.What you should do if you receivea mysterious package of seeds in the mail.

Homemade Masks / Band Shirts / Smiles

More of the creative things you're making homemade masks out of.Sam's got a bone to pick with Jodi about a Star Wars shirt she wore the other day.How many times do you smile every day?

New Mask Rules / Guy’s Weekend / Thanksgiving

How mask requirements will be changing over the next couple of months.Sam wants to talk about the guys weekend he has planned with his grandson.We'll let you know who's going to be closed on Thanksgiving this year.

Sam’s Test / Locked Out / Fan Sounds

Sam got his covid test resultsin, finally and now he has more questions than before.Why Jodi is going to lock Murphy out of the bedroom.Who is keeping Murphy and Jodi up with what she won't do?

Amazon Boxes / Regis / Breakfast

It's We Love Breakfast Week.The cool things about the new Amazon Boxes.Murphy Sam and Jodi remember Regis Philbin

Jealous / Grateful Friday / Vanilla Ice

Grateful Friday! Tell us what little and big things you're grateful for.Can dogs be jealous of cats?We'll tell you everything we know about the Vanilla Ice biopic coming soon.