We Love Breakfast

Easy Breakfast Quiche Murphy calls it Breakfast Pie - but whatever.  Here is what I do sometimes on weekend mornings: 1 refrigerated pie crust 1 pie plate 5-6 eggs A handful of shredded cheese (your choice - i use sharp cheddar) A handful of fresh spinach, torn in to bite... Read More.

Second Date / Sam’s Teens / Wine and Cheese

Why the second date is alwaysbetter than the first one.What Sam's teenagers are doing that he's unhappy with even though he knewit was going to happen.Wine and cheese have a new look now and we're pretty happy about it.

Judy’s 81 / Murphy the Flirt / Drones

We'll tell you about the company that says they have the solution to large gatherings during the pandemic.Jodi wants to talk about Murphy's flirtingfail.Sam's mom, Judy, has some advice for everyone on her birthday.

Coyote / First Semester / Online School

Your best advice for a kid who's about to experience their first semester of college.Sam is going to help Murphy and Jodi with their new neighborhood coyote.What to do when your kids are given the option of going to school or going to school... Read More.

Ultimate Critic / Mask Requirement / Irregardless

Murphy: the nicest man in the world or the ultimate critic?Where you're going to be required to wear a mask if you want to shop starting Monday.We find out what you think about the new word "irregardless".

Fun Friday / Profile Mistakes / Hamilton

It's a Fun Friday!Mistakes men make on their online dating profiles. Good news is, it's an easy fix!Sam's Friday favorite is how you can enjoy the Hamilton musical without a Disney+ subscription.

AFTER THE SHOW PODCAST: Single & Shirtless

Is Jodi helping Sam with his dating profile again? 😃 Want to hear more? It's a Fun Friday! Mistakes men make on their online dating profiles. Good news is, it's an easy fix! Sam's Friday favorite is how you... Read More.