Murphy’s MRI / McRib Challenger / Recipe Flop

We'll let you know what really went wrong with Murphy's MRI and was it Jodi's fault?The food dude has finally found a competitor to the McRib!What to do when trying a new recipe totally flops.

New Parents / Sam’s Teenager / Scared to Drive

For new parents: a new way to get a baby to sleep where you get to sleep too!Why Sam is not happy with the life decisions one of his teenagers has made.Who is scared to start driving?

Car Troubles / Vacation / Beach Music

Who had issues with their car on the way back from vacation?Murphy and Jodi tell Sam just how their vacation went.We'll tell you who almost lost their mind at the beach.

Handshakes / 2 Words / Jodi’s Apology

Are handshakes going to completely disappear from human interactions?What two words can end any argument?Jodi has something to apologize for.

Grateful Friday / Weird Fears / Sam the Clownfish

We want to hear what little and big things you're grateful for.What weird fears do you have that you think few others do?Sam has a few words to say about the way Jodi treated him at a party.

Emails / Mom’s Eyes / Mom Brain

What happens when Jodi (who has a sensitivity to eyes) goes to her mom's eye surgery?Do you hear emails in their sender's voice?What is the mom brain and what does it do?

A Confession / Dollar Bills / Work from Home

Jodi has a confession to make about what happened this morning. How much money is actually pinned up in this restaurant?Advice on how to work from home with your spouse.