Taylor is 19! / Class Rings / AMC

AMC is bringing back 1920 prices to 2020 this month!Sam is wondering why his son doesn't want a class ring.Murphy and Jodi's oldest daughter is turning 19 today and moving out of the house at the same time.


Jodi is looking for the right words for sending Taylor off to college. Is she on the right track? 🤔❤🙏 Want to hear more? All the TV and movie reboots coming up and you can tell us... Read More.

Dr Pepper Shortage / Sam’s Discovery / Reboots

All the TV and movie reboots coming up and you can tell us yes or no.Sam learneda new trick about a barbeque grill that he thinks everyone needs to know.How will we manage through the Dr. Pepper shortage?

New Car / Mask Guilt / Football

Find out who here thinks we should all calm down about whether football can be saved or not.Why Sam is feeling mask guilt every time he goes to the store.Why is Jodi getting a new car?

3 Crockpots / Class Rings / Decisions

How Murphy and Jodi's daughter has a decision to make this week that will make or break Jodi's mood.Do kids even care about class rings anymore?Sam's got 3 crockpots that he can't get rid of.

Dress Up / Class of 2021 / Drive Thru

Is dressing up for work a thing of the past?How is this pandemic going to affect the class of 2021?What McDonalds employees want you to stop doing becauseyou're slowing things down.

After the Show: Cruel Duel

What Murphy & Sam just DO NOT understand about Hamilton, the musical.????❤????#hamilton

Laying Off Hamilton / The Box / Grateful Friday

Who needs to finally quit watching Hamilton?Sam got a mystery box today and can't wait to figure out what's in it.Tell us what little and big things you're grateful for in your life.