Haunted Encounters / Getting Along / Breakup Album

The best of your haunted experiences - we've got them for you all morning.Proof that we can all get along here in America even during a heated political season.In music news, Sam wants to tell you whichTaylor Swift album is the true breakup album

Jodi’s Encounter / More Ghost Stories / Who’s Hiring

Jodi wants to tell us about a strange encounter she had last night.The ghost stories are getting more haunted and scary as we get closer to Halloween.We'll let you know who is going to be hiring for the holiday's this year.


Will Murphy, Sam & Jodi be laughing at a funeral today? Is that so wrong? 😬 Want to hear more? Jodi wants to tell us about a strange encounter she had last night. The ghost stories are getting... Read More.

Missing Work / Social Dilemma / More Supernatural

What things are we missing about work now that everyone's working from home?Sam's new favorite documentary on social media and everything they know about it.We hear more of your stories of your interactions with the supernatural.

Food Dude / Trick or Treat / The Supernatural

Food dude is going to bring an early christmas treat!We'll let you in on what parents are going to be doing for Halloween trick or treating this year.We want to hear more from you on your experiences with the supernatural (oh and also your... Read More.

Smiling / Pop Culture Halloween / Nelly and Dolly

Why do you sometimes smile when you receive bad news?We'll give you the rundown on all the hot pop culture halloween costumes.In music news, Nelly's going country again and we'll find out what Dolly Parton will be doing for Christmas this year.