Gift A Day Ideas

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Emergency Survival Kit Kindle DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter

Zoom Benefits / Home Interiors / Friends Selling

What about zoom is better than regular meetings? Murphy doesn't know what's in his own house. What to do around the holidays when someone you know sells their own crafts.

New Traditions / Black Friday / Sides

The new holiday traditions families are doing this year and #1 is really cool. Murphy's got a warning for online Black Friday shoppers. If you could only have one Thanksgiving side this year, what would it be?

Holiday Movies / Christmas Tree / Self Aware

What holiday movie is yours and really means something to you What to do if you find actual wildlife in your Christmas tree? How you are becoming more self aware of yourself now that we are video calling all the time.

Grateful Friday / What to Bring / Backyard

Grateful Friday tomorrow! Let us know what little and big things you're grateful for. What to bring - or do - for your host if you're just showing up for Thanksgiving. Sam's got a neighbor who keeps inviting him to his backyard.