Traditions / Best Tree Spot / Gift a Day

What are your special family traditions for Christmas? Jodi found the best spot to look at the tree in the house. Gift a day idea! Does Murphy remember what he got last year?

Who’s Watching / Old Family Game / Weird Ornaments

Who's watching to make sure you're being productive at work on a video call? Today's Gift a Day idea is great for the family, proving that old is new again - it's a big old family game. We'll hear more of your weird ornaments you're putting... Read More.

Weird Ornaments / Dogs Howling / 12 Dips

What's something strange you put on your tree this year? Has Murphy ruined the howling of the dogs? We unveil the best dips of the past decade for this holiday season.

Pineapple Casserole Recipe

Ingredients 2 (20-oz.) cans pineapple chunks in juice, drained (reserve 6 Tbsp. juice)

Deal Breakers / The Collar / Santa

The things that make a difference in a woman's opinion of you in the dating world. We find out what you have to say about Jodi hanging a collar on her Christmas tree this year. Don't forget Santa will be with us soon! Send us your... Read More.

Carrie Underwood / Grandparents / Sam the Sleuth

Why Carrie Underwood almost wasn't a household name. A beautiful way to get your grandparents to be with you on your wedding day if they can't make it. Sam's personal investigation into his daughter's new boyfriend.