Hard to Pick Up / V-Day Reservations / Selling Furniture

Tell you about the hard to find (and hard to pick up) gift that Murphy and Jodi are getting their daughter, Phoebe for her birthday.Why is today the day to make Valentine's day reservations?Why are Sam's kids upset that he's selling furniture?

Hot Cheetos / Christmas Gift Exchange / 23 and Me

Why Sam is never messing with flaming hot Cheetos in the kitchen ever again.Jodi and Murphy finally did the Christmas gift exchange and Murphy's dad won the whole thing.Why Murphy was still hesitating to do his 23 and Me submission.

Super Bowl Hype / WebMD / Murphy’s Timing

We'll talk about if the Super Bowl and it's commercials lived up to the hype or not.Sam's daughter discovered WebMD and has begun self-diagnosing.Murphy has some unfortunate conversational timing and almost ruins his daughter's interview with it.


MSJ all watch the Superbowl for VERY different reasons. 😲🏈🙌   Want to hear more? It's a fun Friday! We're hoping Sam brings his pizza dip to work tomorrow. Sam's gonna get you ready to get you ready for the... Read More.

Picky Eaters / Gameday Grub / Walking Dogs

Creativeways to get a picky eater to eat something new!Adding new recipes to the GameDay Grub menu! For Sam: something in the air fryer and for Murphy: something on the sandwich press.How youcould be walking your dogs wrong.