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Doctor’s Weight / Exes / Jodi’s Reading

Why do we always weigh more at the doctor's office? Why Sam is spending more time with one of his exes this weekend. Someone has something to say about Murphy and Sam critiquing her bible reading.

Grateful Friday / Early Christmas / Vices

It's agrateful Friday! Let us know what little and big things you're grateful for.We'll let you know why it's not bad to be decorating for Christmas already.More Americans are partaking in Vices this time of year. Why?

Murphy’s Lip Balm / Gale King / Sam’s Story

What diet did Gale King use to fit into that election night dress?Sam's got a story about how the month of November is going to test his masculinity.Murphy has been caught with something that we didn't expect.

Book of James / Keep the Wow / I’m Board

Jodi has been tasked to record something for her paw paw. What does Phoebe think of Jodi's Keep the Wow moment?Sam's daughter isn't listening to him. Here's why.

Family Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes 2020

These are our family favorite recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. You can set your entire table with this menu. Appetizers Jodi’s famous snack mix 1 can of cocktail peanuts 1 big bag of plain M&M’s 1 big bag of peanut M&M’s 1 large box of raisins 1 bag... Read More.

Election Day Freebies / The Conversation / Rude Texts

We'll let you know where you can get all the food freebies on election day including donuts, coffee and margaritas.The conversation that most familiesare having right now - not about the election, but about the holidays.You decide whether the texts Jodi has been sending... Read More.