Friday, June 16th 2017

We kick off Father's Day weekend with what Murphy and Sam really want for their big day. Jodi shares the nicest thing you can do if you find a pair of lost keys. Find out the the quickest way to Daddy's heart for Father's Day.... Read More.

Thursday, June 15th 2017

Murphy shares what he learned at his time management seminar. Hear whose kid is still afraid of the dark. We find out if Murphy was able to get that rodent out of his car. And why spending family time together on vacation is more... Read More.

Wednesday, June 14th 2017

Murphy almost got into it with someone in Vegas sitting in front of the at the JLo show. Hear all about the confrontation and how it happened. We've got Father's Day ideas from the dads, Murphy and Sam. And Sam has an update on his... Read More.

After the Show: Aw Rats!

Murphy discovered evidence of another "passenger" in his vehicle that has him mortified. Jodi is freaking out as well now that she knows about the situation. How did this happen? And what should they do now to fix it?

Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Sam tells us all about his high school reunion over the weekend. Producer David explains why he had to get picked up by an ambulance when leaving dinner. And find out what happened to Sam's money during Murphy and Jodi's Vegas trip.

After the Show: What did Jodi wear to JLo?

Before her trip to Vegas to see JLo in concert, Jodi asked YOU to help pick out her outfit. Did she go with the blue or black top? Listen to find out, and find out why.

After Vegas

Murphy and Jodi recorded a very special podcast from their hotel room this morning. Hear all about their Vegas getaway: the JLo show, what they got right this time, and what happened to Sam's money.

Monday, June 12th 2017

Murphy and Jodi are still away on their Vegas trip, but we hope you enjoy this "Best Of" show we've put together for you. They will be back tomorrow morning. Get ready for more fun and lots of laughs.

Friday, June 9th 2017

Today in our Family Friendly Box Office Review, a movie that some say Tom Cruise should have never made. What Sam doesn't know about giving Jodi his money again for Vegas. And Sam's got a special Jennifer Lopez 'Behind the Lyrics' just for Jodi.