Flu Shots / Real Life Ghost Stories / More Couples Costumes

What our in studio pediatrician wants you to know about getting your flu shot.We're going to be kicking off your real life ghost stories this week!Great ideas for couples costumes (not just couples, but siblings and friend groups) for this halloween!

Haunted Houses / Kid Friendly Jokes / Football Party

Jodi's friend who works in a haunted house every night will tell us what to do or not to do when walking through the hauntsKid friendly jokes all morning long!Jodi already knows she's going to shut down her football watching party early this weekend.

Halloween Props / More Scary Movies / Free Tacos

Sam will bring the scary Halloween prop that Jodi brought home that Murphy can't stand to be around.More of the scary movies that have stayed with you forever!Sam's got how you can score free tacos next week.

Scary Movies / Giving Up Singing / Thrift Shopping

What really scary movie just stayed with you throughout your life?What incredibly talented singer might be giving up music forever?Jodi found something while thrift shopping that has made her life so much easier!