Facebook Dating / GoT Baby Names / Sam’s Busy

What the new facebook dating feature called "secret crush" means for you if you're single and on facebook.What are the most popular Game of Thrones inspired baby names? Find out after 7!Sam can't wait to tell us why he's busyeverynight next week.

Exam Tricks / FB Marketplace Mistake / Cinco de Menu

Exam week brings out the best tricks from the teachers that have to give them. We have all those for you today.Jodi made a big mistake selling something on facebook and she doesn't know what to do about it.We've got recipes on our website... Read More.

After the Show: For the Thronies

Sam, Jodi AND a special guest????get REAL (and geeky) about the latest Game of Thrones episode!!!????SPOILER ALERT: they DO discuss The Long Night.

Cinco de Menu / 4 Day Workweek / GoT Death Pool

Getting you ready for Sunday with Cinco de Menu! Recipes on the websiteAfter 7am we'll help you make your case to your boss for a 4 day workweek!Who's Game of Thrones deathpool is looking better: Sam or Jodi? Especially after Winterfell!

Jodi’s Hollywood Outsider / Cinco de Menu / Bubble Tea

The usual fun with Jodi's Hollywood outsider and Sam's Music NewsWe're going to kick off Cinco de Menu including easy guacamole, homemade margaritas and Sam's fajitas for one!Jodi is trying to figure out what in the world Bubble Tea is

After the Show: Insulin: Endgame

Murphy & Jodi had 1 of THE worst fights of their marriage last night.But who’s at fault??(it was like a sit-com, without the laughter)