Monday, May 22nd 2017

Jodi covers all the highlights from last night's Billboard Music Awards. Pippa Middleton gets married, and Prince Harry bring American actress Meghan Markle to the reception. And The Carpool Karaoke special is on tonight on CBS! James Corden will share some of his favorites... Read More.

Friday, May 19th 2017

Hear what Jodi's finally getting to do this week all by herself. Sam's mom thinks his dead dad is communicating to her...through a parakeet. And all morning long we hear from you as we continue celebrating unique, cool jobs. Keep them coming.

After the Show: What Happens In Vegas

Producer David is heading off to Vegas today. He already has plans to see two living legends while he is there but what else should he do? Jodi has a suggestion,..... but it may cost her.

Thursday, May 18th 2017

Hear what Sam is doing for his mom that will make you swoon. Jodi reveals one of the most popular baby name today.... which comes from Star Wars. And all morning long we are hoping to inspire some recent graduates, with more unique, fun... Read More.

Wednesday, May 17th 2017

It's 'Whatcha Watching Wednesday'? We dig into your binges. Jodi wants to sneak another pet into the house. Hear Murphy's reaction. And Producer David needs suggestions as to what to do when he goes to Las Vegas this week.

Tuesday, May 16th 2017

What the world needs is more 'Mr. Rogers'. Hear how you can get every single episode of all time to share with the family. Sam explains why is son, who's in boarding school, is doing better than any of us. And hear why Jodi's... Read More.

Monday, May 15th 2017

Sam shares what it was like at his son's graduation from seminary school. Jodi tells us all about her Mother's Day Weekend and what she did on her "day off". And hear about whose child may be going to Math Camp.