Grateful Friday / An NFL Spectacle / Peanut Butter Cookies

Time for a grateful Friday! Let us know what you're grateful for (even the little things make a difference).Sam's Friday favorite is one of the NFL's greatest moments that happened this week.Jodi's got a great peanut butter cookie recipe for you that you can... Read More.

Snapchat Streaks / Decoration Competition / Prepare for Holidays

Producer Bailey and Chad will try to explain Snapchat streaks to Sam.There's a Halloween decoration competition going on in Murphy and Jodi's Neighborhood that's probably going to send Murphy back to the store!What to do NOW to get you ready for the holidays.

After The Show: Pug prey?

Is Piggy Gaga safe in Murphy & Jodi's neighborhood? Jodi doesn't think so.????????????

$5 Costumes / Taco Dip / Hugs

$5 costume ideas! We'll show you ours; you show us yours!We've added a taco dip to our Gameday Grub recipes?Who needs a hug and what are they really good for?