Fun Friday / Family Feud / Girly Bedspreads

It's a Fun Friday! Lots of favorites to go around.Playing Family Feud today so play along in the car!Jodi wants to change up the bedroom and needs to know how girly she can get.

Driving Lessons / Halloween Candy / Elton John Movie

What a retired police officer can teach your kids (and really all of us) about driving.Only a day into October, but the Food Dude is going to tell you what you need to buy before it sells out!What Sam has already found wrong about... Read More.

Halloween Decorations / Sam’s Homecoming / Adulting

Let's kick off October by hearing from you on the best ideas for halloween decorations!We'll find out how Sam was able to be in two places at once for his kids' homecoming nights.We go around the table to find out when MSJ figured out... Read More.