Words Off the Field / Pizza Week / Scientifically Happy

Parents of kids that play sports: What are you supposed to say after the game?Today during homemade pizza week, we're going to show you how to make a BBQ chicken pizza!What song is scientifically proven to put you in a good mood no matter... Read More.

Crutch Words / Sam’s Upset / Pizza Week Continues

What crutch words ("like, you know, right?) do your kids use too much and do you pick up on them?Why Sam is upset this week because one of his kids is having birthday?Pizza week continues with a different kind of pizza up on the... Read More.

After the Show: Filler Words

Um. Err. Like. The most annoying filler words, and why Jodi thinks its ok when they are overused.

Sad Dog Gift / Pizza Week / Date Tricks

What did Sam's neighbor give him that made him sad?Why is Murphy and Jodi's bathroom scale outside?Why does Murphy have gas on his brand new shirt?

Fun Friday / Most Stressful Job / Using Like

It's a fun Friday and we've got some scary ladies in the family friendly box office.Is the most stressful job really in the DMV?Help if your teenager likes to use like, like too much.