Fun Friday / Wheeling and Dealing / Sam’s cleaning Lady

Fun Friday! Cool ideas for the family to do on the first weekend back from school!Murphy's wondering why Jodi has been wheeling and dealing this week.Sam's phone is blowing up because this one lady keeps texting him all day long at work.

Going Back / Rock n Roll Lesson / Palindrome Week!

If you buy something at a store and you get home and it's not what you paid for, do you go back?Sam has an important rock n roll lesson he had to teach his teenager.It's palindrome week and we're trying to find them all

Airport Security / Murphy and Jodi’s Game / Belly Up

More stories from the body scan line at the airport.Murphy and Jodi are playing this game that Sam has wanted in on for a long time.One of the aquatic friends at the Murphy and Jodi household has found its fate.

Fine Dining / The Edge in Fortnite / New Google Features

How to fine dine. Here's what your mom never taught you to be doingHere's how to give your kids an edge in the online game FortniteGoogle added a new feature to their maps app that should make things just a bit easier for everyone.