PODCAST: Jodi Answers YOUR Questions From Facebook Live

Jodi LOVES using Facebook Live because it's a great way to connect with YOU. She really enjoys reaching to answer as many questions/comments as she can. And if she can't get to them all while she's LIVE, she'll answer them here on our 'After... Read More.

Friday, February 24th 2017

We continue to get you ready for the 2017 Oscars with the 'Best Picture' nominees and what you need to know about the films. Jodi explains why everyone needs a 3-day weekend (like we need a reason). Murphy brings up the Birthday present Producer... Read More.

After the Show 2/23: The Ball Pit Problem

Producer David LOVES his (soon to be 1-year-old) niece more than anything and prides himself as being "Fun Uncle David". For her upcoming Birthday, he bought his niece (Olivia) a fold out ball pit for her to play in. It's seems like an awesome,... Read More.

Thursday, February 23rd 2017

Jodi shares why men have to have face-to-face time for their friendships to really work. Producer David finally reveals the ultimate Birthday present for his soon to be 1-year-old niece. And Murphy explains his recent self conscious workout.

Sam’s ‘Oscar Night Bites’

Every year for the Academy Awards we share fun themed recipes called 'Oscar Night Bites'. This year Jodi decided to pass this job off to Sam who was more than eager to put his take on it. Below are all the movie themed foods... Read More.

After the Show 2/22: Murphy’s Ashiatsu Massage

Murphy received a massage from a lady who wouldn't touch him with her hands. It's called an Ashiatsu massage, and it's where masseuse uses their __________ instead of their hands.

Wednesday, February 22nd 2017

Producer David gives us an update on his flooded apartment. Will it ever be dry again? Murphy explains why his masseuse wont touch him with her hands. And Sam's got more info on the 'Love Actually' sequel.