Wednesday, July 19th 2017

Jodi shares what kids need to start doing now since back to school time is approaching.Find out the top shows moms are sneaking when everyone else is asleep.And Jodi tried banana pudding everywhere while on vacation and now has the best recipe for you.... Read More.

After the Show: Jodi’s advice for any pregnant woman

Being pregnant is one big emotional roller coaster. At times you may feel like you are crazy, but know that you are not. This is something Jodi feels compelled to tell pregnant women, even if she doesn't know them very well.

Easy, Cool Banana Pudding

This makes a large serving and is so easy! 4 or 5 bananas 1 large box instant vanilla pudding (french vanilla is GREAT too) 2 cups cold milk 1 (14 oz) can condensed milk 1 (12 oz) carton Cool Whip 1 box vanilla wafer... Read More.

Tuesday, July 18th 2017

Hear how Murphy and Jodi made each other super envious on vacation which almost lead to a family car fight.Sam shares the details on the new Michael Jackson Halloween special this year.And hear about Jodi's "altercation" with another fan at the Paul Mccartney concert.