Thursday, February 2 2017

Sam's got the 3 conditions for Producer David if plans to take on the role of head producer. Can he handle them?

PODCAST: Why do we believe in predictions? (Groundhog Day)

"After the Show" Since it's Groundhog Day, Murphy questions why is it that we believe such silly things and predictions? Another example: Do you still use the 'Old Farmers Almanac'? Murphy and Jodi sure do and are firm believers in it.

Game Day Grub 2017

Having people over to watch the big game? Be prepared feed those hungry mouths with easy, delicious meals. Jodi is adding a new recipe every day up until Super Bowl Sunday. Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Sliders (My EASIEST recipe ever) 1 small pkg boneless skinless... Read More.

Another Baby for Bey???

It looks like Beyoncé is expecting baby #2...and #3. The mega star just posted a picture with a VERY noticeable baby bump to her Instagram account with the following caption: We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times... Read More.

Wednesday, February 1 2017

It's Producer Emilie's last day! We spend the day celebrating everything she's done for us and say our final farewells.

The Best of Producer Emilie

Today is Producer Emilie's last day with Murphy Sam and Jodi. She will always be a part of the MSJ family, and we cannot thank her enough for all that she has done.

How To Work At Home Without Going Crazy

Working from home sounds nice, but how do you do it without going insane? After a while, wouldn't you need some sort of social interaction? Wouldn't you need to get out an be elsewhere beyond the confines of your home? Producer Emilie will soon discover... Read More.