Full MSJ Show 11-18-2020

For kids, a message just for you: Why is Santa on the other side of the plexiglass? What big celebrity you know is getting into skincare? What should you start to make now before turkey day actually gets here?


Murphy's Dad gets some serious news. ? WOPodcastPlayer({ "feed": { "link": "https://feeds.castfire.com/the-radio-button/murphy_sam_and_jodi/murphy_sam_and_jodi/3796782_2020-11-17-153922", "type": "mrss" }, "withPlaylist": false, ... Read More.

Full MSJ Show 11-17-2020

A gift idea for anybody who has a little on in the family who can't be with them for the holidays. What do you do differently in your family that's not the typical Thanksgiving tradition? Jodi's got all the info on the newest line of Barbies.

AFTER THE SHOW PODCAST: You had me at Sale

Estate Sale: What's the 1st ROOM you go into? Jodi's is weird. WOPodcastPlayer({ "feed": { "link": "https://feeds.castfire.com/the-radio-button/murphy_sam_and_jodi/murphy_sam_and_jodi/3796527_2020-11-16-121427", "type": "mrss" ... Read More.

Full MSJ Show 11-16-2020

The kids are going to Homecoming! How will that work during covid? Someone's calling in to correct Sam about estate sales. What Thanksgiving food can you find at Ren Fest?

Full MSJ Show 11-13-2020

Grateful Friday! Let us know what little and big things you're grateful for. We'll give you an important reminder if you decide to start Christmas Shopping this weekend. Why was Jodi uninvited to a wedding this weekend?


Enjoy ALL of our 2018 visits with THE real Santa ❤ He's SO jolly! Our Christmas gift to YOU & your Family. 🎅      


GhostCast!  Enjoy some of the BEST Real Life Ghost stories from the show this week.   If you dare. 👻      

AFTER THE SHOW: Sneaky Fireworks

How Sam (with his Mom’s help) got sneaky with his fireworks in the city limits when he was a kid. Want to hear more? At 15:52 in the show podcast below, listen to how Jodi is going... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Family Road Trip Games

Why do Murphy & Jodi have an argument every time they take a family road trip? Sound familiar? Want to hear more? At 11:17 in the show podcast below, Murphy and Sam help you out... Read More.