13 Things You Missed In Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Music Video


There is SO much to see in the new Taylor Swift video!   Did you catch it?  Sam loves the end.

Jodi digs into this Hollywood Outsider at 29:31 minutes into today’s show podcast.


According to ROLLING STONE

1. The Nils Sjoberg tombstone in the opening scene.

2. The “Out of the Woods” dress.

3. The 2014 Met Gala dress.

4. The single dollar bill in a bathtub full of diamonds.

5. The “Et Tu Brute” etchings on her golden throne. 

6. A snake serves Swift tea.

7. Swift transforms into a Katy Perry lookalike.

8. Swift and crew rob Stream Co. 

9. Swift heads up a class of models at Squad U.

10. Those “I Heart TS” shirts.

11. Swift stands atop a mountain of former selves. 

12. Her besties make a “cameo” in the video.

13. She quotes some of her most headline-making moments.


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