‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Premiere Gets Canceled


An upsetting video from the set of ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ during filming has gone viral. The video shows what appears to be a scared dog who didn’t want to get in the rushing water and do the scene.  The German Shepherd looked like he didn’t want to but had to. (CLICK HERE to see the video along with Jodi’s take on the alarming footage that’s been circling the internet)

The actors and producer’s deny and animal cruelty on set and are demanding an investigation.

The video, which was filmed and posted by PETA, has caused much controversy for the movie. Everyone involved with the film have been told to avoid the media for now. Even the red carpet premiere of ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ has been canceled. The studios have also canceled the press junkets. TMZ reports,

There will be no premiere for “A Dog’s Purpose” because the studio that produced it is still reeling from the video TMZ posted showing it’s animal star in distress, and there’s worry PETA might create an embarrassing or even violent scene.

A Dog’s Purpose is scheduled for wide release on Jan. 27

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