MSJ Show September 2, 2019

Daughter Taylor has a hard talk with Murphy and Jodi. Sam's son Sammy makes Jodi feel uncomfortable. Producer Bailey shares about Jodi's former foster, Hank. When you follow the podcast on iTunes or the Google Play store, you... Read More.

MSJ Show August 30, 2019

Murphy and Jodi offend Sam in Friends story-line fashion. Sam has a problem with a boy his daughter Maddie is dating. Murphy relates the highs and lows of being a Type 1 Diabetic When you follow the podcast... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Do it for Paw Paw

Why is Jodi WORRIED about the 90th Birthday Party for her Paw Paw? 😭     Want to hear more? If you need a mental break, you shouldn't spend it on social media so we're going to tell you what... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Sugar & Spice

What Jodi can handle - that Murphy & Sam cannot. 🤔🤣 Want to hear more? Something really great that Jodi discovered that's good about Taylor Swift's new music for younger audiences especially. The Food Dude got his hands greasy... Read More.


What Jodi's friends CANNOT believe about Murphy 😮 ' Want to hear more? Sam's got something to say about Murphy and Jodi calling someone else they know the funniest person they know. Getting you ready for the weekend with the... Read More.

School Night Suppers

Oven Toasted Meatball Subs Ingredients Meatballs – frozen or fresh Bread – Italian, French, subs…whatever you like! Red sauce – Jodi’s homemade or jar Shredded cheese – your fave! Directions Heat up sauce and meatballs in a pot on your stove. Heat oven to 275-300.... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: When Mom’s Away

Is it a PARTY when Jodi is out of town?! 🤣🙌🎂 Want to hear more? It's a grateful Friday! We want to hear about the little and big things going on in your life that you're grateful for... Read More.


How did Murphy become a fish expert? 🐠 Want to hear more? Why no one in the house wants to admit to leaving a Coke in the freezer. Sam has a personal question about eloping and we have... Read More.

Casas for CASA

CASA Executive Director Liz Betz visits with Murphy, Sam and Jodi about CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for abused children) and how to volunteer to help kids.  Plus Liz lets us know about Casas for CASA…your chance to win a playhouse for your kids... Read More.

Dreamcake Icing

Dream Cake Icing 8oz Cream Cheese 2 cups powdered sugar 1 pint heavy whipping Cream 1 tsp vanilla flavoring   Beat Softened Cream Cheese till smooth Add whipping cream Vanilla   Mix at Low speed for 5 minutes. then mix at high/med speed for 3 minutes Spread on cake