Teacher Appreciation / 80|20 Diet / New Vegas Residency

More great ideas for Teacher Appreciation week...gifts and other things you can do for teachers as the school year comes to a closeDo you know about the 80/20 diet and could you do it...more on that just before 7In Music News, Sam will let... Read More.

What Moms Really Want / Themed Parties / Ozark Continues

If you're having trouble finding something to hand your mom on mother's day, we have some help for you.A themed party is going to let someone get very creative.Jodi is now in love with Ozark and can't stop watching.

Jodi’s Day / Family Feud / May the 4th

Jodi has a day all to herself coming up and she's trying to find out what to do about it. The gang plays a few rounds of Family Feud.One of Sam's favorite days of the year has come once again.