Homemade Peanut Butter Eggs

3 Cups powdered sugar 1½ cups creamy peanut butter ¼ cup butter or margarine melted 2 Tablespoons milk 1-2 Bags milk chocolate chips 2 Tablespoons shortening   Beat together powdered sugar, peanut butter, and butter together. At this point... Read More.


  6 cups crisp rice cereal 1 cup peanut butter 1 cut KARO light corn syrup 1 Cup Sugar 1 cup melted chocolate chips 1 cup melted butterscotch chips Pour the crisp rice cereal into a mixing bowl, and drop the 1 cup of peanut butter in.... Read More.

Meal Madness

All throughout the month of March Jodi will be sharing easy meals for you to make and dig into the deliciousness. See something you like? Let us know. Fast & Easy Shrimp Fajitas   1 lb... Read More.

Sam’s ‘Oscar Night Bites’

Every year for the Academy Awards we share fun themed recipes called 'Oscar Night Bites'. This year Jodi decided to pass this job off to Sam who was more than eager to put his take on it. Below are all the movie themed foods... Read More.

Sam’s Wings

They are BAKED but they taste FRIED! 1 to 4 pounds (450g to 1.7kg) chicken wings, cut into drumettes and flats 1 teaspoon (5g) baking powder per pound of chicken wings 1/2 teaspoon (5g) kosher salt per pound of chicken... Read More.

Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers

1 lb ground turkey meat (I use 93/7) fresh spinach leaves 1 cup crumbled feta cheese salt pepper garlic powder 1 egg Crack egg into bowl and scramble a little.  Add turkey meat and feta cheese.  Then I rip the spinach leaves from the... Read More.

Game Day Grub 2017

Having people over to watch the big game? Be prepared feed those hungry mouths with easy, delicious meals. Jodi is adding a new recipe every day up until Super Bowl Sunday. Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Sliders (My EASIEST recipe ever) 1 small pkg boneless skinless... Read More.

Holly Clegg’s Easy Potato Soup

Easy Potato Soup from Eating Well Through Cancer Starting with hash browns means no peeling potatoes which makes this an incredibly fabulous, yet simple soup. Makes 8 (1-cup) servings Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes 6 cups frozen hash brown potatoes, partially thawed 6... Read More.