Coming Soon: Weird Al Yankovic’s Entire Musical “Box Set” Collection


You know him as one of the funniest parody artists ever! And now, Weird Al Yankovic’s full music collection is going to be released in a box set. The collection will be known as Squeeze Box: The Complete Works of Weird Al Yankovic, and will include all of the comedy singer’s 14 studio albums, all remastered on CD, vinyl, and digital.

But wait! There’s more…

There will also be a bonus disc, Medium Rarities, within the set which will have some of his favorite songs which were never released on any of his albums. Lastly, the collection will also feature a 100-page book filled with memorabilia, such as rare photos and more.

 And it’s Weird Al….so of course it won’t be an ordinary box set. The “box” will be a replica of his signature accordion. CLICK HERE to see more.


The collection of Yankovic’s creative work won’t be released until the fall of 2017, but you can pre order a box set HERE!

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