Gift ideas perfect for teachers / Sam says Jodi has “changed his outlook on life” / More of the BEST Christmas movies

Make It Take It GIft Ideas perfect for a teacher.

Sam says Jodi has “changed his outlook on life?!”  We’ll see.

More of the BEST Christmas movies to start the season with.

  1. Terry
    December 4, 2022 at 12:44 pm

    Merry Christmas to Murphy Sam and Jody broadcast system and all the workers there and when Santa comes to on the air may God bless him and watch over him while he flies to you tonight with all the presents for all the good little kids and may he watch over each and every one of us just like God does God bless

  2. Jacki Schilling
    Jacki Schilling
    December 6, 2022 at 11:09 am

    As a retired teacher, I have a vast knowledge of what’s appreciated and what’s overdone when remembering teachers at holiday time.
    1. NO MUGS. They have enough. Each teacher lunchroom has a cabinet of tons of abandoned teacher mugs for staff use. Don’t add to the collection.
    2. NO ALCOHOL! Most schools don’t allow it in premises and as much as some teachers might like a bottle of wine, if puts them in a precarious position.
    3. Gift cards to local coffee/ beverage shops or fast food spots where they can grab something on the way in or at lunch are appreciated!!
    4. Pizza gift cards for those with a family are great for a meal you don’t have to cook after a long day.
    5. A nice thank you note from your child is cherished by most teachers.
    6. Unless you know the teacher personally, try to stay away from decor, craft, or figurine items. The longer they’ve been in education, the more items that say “teacher” they’ve accumulated.
    7. Finally, a gift card to a store where they can buy classroom supplies. It’s insane how much teachers purchase from their own pockets. Walmart, a local teacher store, Michaels…would be a wonderful thought!

    I list these, not to be ungrateful, but to make sure givers money isn’t spent in vain. A gift should be enjoyed by the recipient. Isn’t that better than just buying anything???

    • Producer Faith
      Producer Faith
      December 7, 2022 at 6:28 am

      This is SO thoughtful!!! Thank you for this Jacki!!


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