How you chose your kids names / Sam has to put his foot down / The personal place QR codes are showing up


How you chose your kids’ names! We love your stories and reasons.

Sam has to put his foot down with his girl. (Meaning his daughter Maddie.)

The very personal place where QR codes are showing up.

  1. Autumn
    May 31, 2024 at 7:14 am

    I was dead set that I was having a girl. So I had her name picked out (Savannah virginia kaye). Well, I had a boy! No name picked… we were on day 4 in the hospital after delivery and the doctors said “listen, you HAVE to name your baby so you can go home!” I was scrolling TV channels and Days of Thunder was on. I heard “Cole Trickle” and well, that was it! His name is Cole Edward. He also has a step-brother named Kole. So they are “C-Cole and K-Kole”.

  2. Yvonna
    May 31, 2024 at 8:15 am

    Both my son and my daughter were named after names that their dad and I loved. Little did I know that both names were the #1 names that year – Jessica and Jonathon. Every year in their classes there were at least 3 of each. (enter eye roll here) My son’s middle name, Wayne, was chosen after my dad’s middle name to carry that on. When my son had his first child, a boy – he named his first name Noah – after my and his dad’s favorite movie – The Notebook. However, his middle name is my maiden name – another acknowledgment to my Dad – who passed in 1995. First grandson – Noah Tice…Pretty special!


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