What do you think – for the grown up Beverly in the 2nd half of the IT remake?!

Jodi shares this Hollywood Outsider in the show podcast below. [starting at 14:37]

According to Entertainment

The Zero Dark Thirty actress is in talks to join the sequel to Stephen King’s It, playing the adult version of the flame-haired character who inspired that secret admirer’s poem, EW has confirmed.

Ever since New Line announced that King’s epic 1986 novel would be split into two parts, it has been obvious to most people, including director Andy Muschietti, that Chastain would be perfect to play the grown-up Bev, who returns to the town of Derry with her fellow Losers nearly 27 years later to face the evil, shapeless presence they defeated as children.

Variety first reported that Chastain is in talks for the film, which is scheduled for release in September 2019. Bill Skarsgård is also set to return as the malevolent clown — one of It’s favorite forms.

Those who know King’s book are aware that although Beverly survived her first encounter with Pennywise, and her abusive father, she carries with her deep, invisible wounds that have led her to another toxic relationship.

All of the Losers will have traumas that linger from their youth in Derry, and the resurrection of Pennywise serves as the catalyst for dealing with the more mundane monsters who plague them in adulthood.

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