I’ve lost 15 pounds.  This is a miracle for me – because I am a snack monster.  Snacking HAPPENS to me everyday.

Here are the things I’ve been eating in the afternoons that are NOT chips, cookies etc.

1 – Plain, Nonfat Greek Yogurt.  WITH a tad of artificial sweetener and sometimes fruit.  (it’s only tolerable when I add this stuff. VERY good this way)

2 – 1 Big Naval Orange  (sweet, juicy, and fills me up)  Why do we overlook fruit?  It’s filling, and DELISH.

3 – Iced espresso shot on ice, WITH a Pure Protein or Muscle Milk type drink!  Tastes like a creamy, fancy coffee drink, but MUCH lower in calories and high in protein (which means to fills me up)

***I will always snack, and when I grow bored of these snacks, I will create others – and share with you.

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