Jodi’s Blog: The upsetting on-set footage from ‘A Dog’s Purpose’


OH Whoa.   I am SUCH a dog lover.  I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie – and so have my girls.  Even the title gets me! (A Dog’s Purpose.)    Now this. :/  This video surfacing.

Looks like a scared dog who didn’t want to get in the rushing water and do the scene.  It appears he didn’t want to but had to.   It makes me think about ALL of the animal movies I’ve loved.   Makes me wonder what went on behind the scenes.

(See video below)

Will this keep you from seeing  the movie?   I’m not usually 1 to boycott.   I’ll let my girls weigh in I’m sure.   That video was not fun to see.   And this movie is about the special bond between dogs and humans.

FYI though:   PETA took this video, and waited to release it near the movie’s release.

And the producer of the film is a known animal lover& advocate.  Lots at play here – as always.  Boy the world is complicated!!!!

Know what’s not complilcated??

Going home to your dog after a long day.   I can’t wait.

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