Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Heather Morris Voted Off ‘DWTS’ – after a perfect score.

Just listen to the crowd. You can tell just how upset and shocked everyone was to see this extremely talented duo get the boot.

Even the judges were slack-jawed when it was revealed Heather Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars on Monday.

Chmerkovskiy, 37, believes the fact that the entire audience erupted in boos upon hearing the results is proof that viewers probably thought Morris was safe in the reality dance competition and didn’t need their votes.

He told reporters he thinks fans thought “they’re fine, she’s amazing, they’ll be there next week. Lemme throw a few votes here and there just because [that other team is] struggling. That’s exactly the way Sabrina Bryan went home. And the way that Brandy and I got eliminated right before the finale. Those were certainly not deserving exits.”

Morris adds that it’s “bittersweet” for her last dance on the show to be with Chmerkovskiy, whom she’d been partnered with at the beginning of the season but had suffered a calf injury that forced him to sit out three weeks of the competition while Morris danced with troupe member Alan Bernsten.

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(Hear all about it at 15:28)

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