Merriam-Webster Adds Over 1,000 Words To The Dictionary


On Tuesday, more than 1,000 words were added to the dictionary. Words such ad “binge-watching TV”, “face-palm”, and “photobomb” have been given official definitions.


Here are a few of our favorites. Click the word for it’s definition.

1. Ghost (verb)

2. Humblebrag

3. Snollygoster

4. Throw shade

5. Microaggression

6. Conlang

7. Seussian

8. Fast fashion

9. First World Problem

10. Woo-woo

11. bokeh

12. elderflower

13. ginger

14. microaggression

15. mumblecore

16. pareidolia

17. ping

18. safe space

19. wayback

20. wayback machine

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