Murphy Sam and Jodi teach 6th grade


Murphy Sam and Jodi all went to teach a 6th grade class about radio waves. As you can hear, it went VERY well. Sam, who has a fear of speaking in public, rocked it (the students even said that “Mr. Sam” was the funniest). Just listen to their reactions toward his “teaching method”. ⤵

(Side Note: Security almost didn’t let Sam into the school. He explains his “innocent” mistake.)

Today we received letters from the students of the science class. They all wrote in things that they learned from Murphy, Sam and Jodi’s lesson. One of our favorite letters had a picture at the bottom of the page of Sam when he cracked an egg in another student’s hand. Too cute. Check it out below.

(You can hear all about the letters the students wrote in at 11:17) ⤵

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